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Welcome to Mauritius Plans and thank you for stopping by. We are the leading provider of International Health Insurance in Mauritius, with over 40 years of experience in the area of general insurance as a business. We offer health protection plans from prestigious insurers, plans that will give you the health benefits with an assurance of the utmost peace of mind when it comes to medical care.

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Healthcare Insurance

Stay in good health with a premium health insurance policy from us. Our health Insurance features comes with comprehensive worldwide benefits, therefore, you can have the peace of mind whether you are working abroad, on holiday, or studying overseas.

Apart from the comprehensive benefits, our health insurance plans could be tailored to your need(s). Therefore, you get the best coverage at your budget.

Adverse medical conditions could occur at just anytime and it is a good idea to be well protected at all times, especially since medical cost are soaring these days.  Apart from the high cost of medical care, you may lose income due to the disruption of your work. Be rest assured, the benefits of our insurance would cover you for some of your non-medical losses due to the adverse medical condition.

Corporate Health Insurance Plans

Whatever the size of your business, your most valuable asset are your employees. They are like assets and need protection. They need to feel secure in whatever situations they may be in. The sense of security will enable them to have the peace of mind in terms of healthcare and be better in focusing on the things that are important. A good way to look after them is acquiring a premium health care support plan for them.

There is no better feeling than the need for your employees to know that you care for them, and that there are plans in place to support them in their health when they need it most. With our health insurance Plans, be sure that your employees are looked after. Mauritius plans, offers your employees gets access to private medical care which could have been out of their reach. You can choose from different levels of our plans to meet your budget and your employees’ needs. Letting your employees know that you care for their well-being using Mauritius plan is an overwhelming important benefit for them, knowing that they can get the care they need when they need it.

Some of the benefits you can get using our plans include; Personalized Insurance Planning for your business, cover available for major illnesses and approved treatment abroad fascinating reliefs on premium paid by your Business, and lots more.

With our health insurance Plans, you have just what you need. Our corporate Health Insurance Plans has several policies which you can choose for the benefit of all your employees.
Besides, we can design specific plans to suit the requirements of your organization’s particular needs and budget; this may not be readily available elsewhere.

As the saying goes, “A healthy family is a happy family”! you can now rely on Mauritius Plans to take care of your health and that of your family, you’ll be glad when you trust us with your health insurance, your whole family will be covered, and you will have access to quality healthcare at the health care provider of your choice anywhere and at anytime!