Health Insurance Mauritius


Welcome and thanks for stopping by. We at Mauritius Plans are the best at providing Health Insurance in any country and we have over forty years worth of experience in general insurance within Mauritius. Our services include:

-Health protection plans provided by top-level insurers

-Plans that ensure that you have health benefits. The benefits ensure that you get proper medical care when you need it.

Contact us today and find out more about our products and services. How much they’ll cost you what they help you achieve.

Healthcare Insurance

We offer a premium health insurance that helps you maintain good health. Aspects of our health insurance have full benefits across the world which gives you confidence regardless of where you are or what you are doing anywhere on the globe.

Besides the full benefits we provide, our health insurance plans can be customized to specifically suit your needs thereby maximizing your benefits within your budget.

Severe medical conditions may take you by surprise and it is important to be protected at all times because medical costs are perpetually on the rise. Besides the cost of medical care, a disruption of your work may lead you to lose income. If this were to happen, you can rest in the knowledge that the insurance benefits we provide you with would take care of some of the non-medical losses you incur as a result of the severe medical condition.

Corporate Health Insurance Plans

Regardless of how big your business is, your employees are your most valuable assets. Just like all the other assets you might have, they too need to be and feel protected no matter the situation they are in. it is the sense of security that gives them the peace of mind in regard to healthcare. They, as a result, are able to focus on more important things. One way of taking care of your staff is giving them a premium health care support plan.

Your employees feel great when they know that their employer cares for them and is planning to offer them support when they need it especially in healthcare. The health insurance plans we offer assure you that your employees will be provided for. Mauritius plan gives your employees the access to private medical care that would have otherwise been impossible for them to get. Our plans have different levels from which you can fulfill your budget and employee needs. It is a very important benefit for your employees to know that you are using Mauritius plan to take care of them and that they can get the care they need as the need arises.

Some of the advantages our plan gives include:

-Personalized insurance plans for your business
-Insurance cover for the major illnesses
-Approved treatment overseas with reliefs on the premiums paid by your firm and many more.

The health insurance plans we offer give you just what you need. The corporate health insurance plans we offer has a selection of policies from which you can choose from for you employee’s benefits. We also make specific plans to meet the particular needs of your organization and its budget; you may not find this anywhere else.

There’s a saying, “A healthy family is a happy family!” and you can rely on Mauritius Plans to insure yours and your family’s health. You will not regret trusting us with your health insurance since we cover the whole family. You will have access to premium healthcare from a healthcare provider of your choice anywhere in the world.

Universal Health Coverage Mauritius

We offer universal health insurance in Mauritius from among the top-level health insurers in the world. The number 1 health coverage we offer has a wide range of benefits that give you access to the medical care you need. The full benefits allow you to access the highest medical treatment anywhere in the world without worrying about the financial obligations that accompany optimal good health.

Comprehensive health plan

The health insurance packages we offer are budget life oriented and comprehensive. The standard health scheme has different levels but each covers minimum critical illnesses. We also have specialized solutions for your healthcare coverage. You can pick the basic coverage and add some of the add-ons. You don’t have to pay for what you don’t need.