Allianz Health Insurance

Allianz Health Insurance


We are please to have acquired a partnership with the Allianz group, representing them in the area of health insurance for the beautiful country of Mauritius. With this collaboration, individuals and family could gain access to the top healthcare, indulging in flexibility and reliability.

Our Health Insurance plans from Allianz could be tailored to meet your needs, while ensuring you do not exceed your budget in terms of premiums. There is a wide range of options, bring you healthcare benefits for hospitalization, family clinic, prescribed medications, oral treatments, pregnancy, visual and pre-existing conditions.  From your resident country to the rest of the world, you could be very well protected so that you could concentrate on other critical aspects of life.

Allianz Insurance Advantages

Allianz takes into account the needs of their members as they comprehend the requirements of clients in an efficient manner. This is one of the ways they have made themselves into a health insurance market leader. To facilitate all nationalities, they have employed thousands of staff worldwide, speaking in many different languages.They ensure they have the best staff in order to ensure the best medical care for their members worldwide. They have in-house managers and doctors who work as a team to organize the best care. This is the outcome of them having the best staff in hand. Their excellent services extends to individual and corporate members, offering tailored services to cater to everybody’s needs. Allianz also understands the importance of communication and strive to innovate within the market.

Allianz offers health insurance to individuals, expatriates and corporate groups. Where ever you live or travel to, there will always be easy access to the Allianz support team with the high level of expertise. So of the aspects that differentiate Allianz:

-International Coverage

-Industry leader: One of the oldest insurer in the world, having over 80 millions members in over 80 countries worldwide

-Tailored plans - this flexible scheme allows you to get the benefits for the peace of mind at the best rates.

-Fast Claims processing

-Support in over 30 languages

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 Advantages for Expatriates using Allianz Health Insurance

Being an Expat is difficult. The new environment makes them questions everything. This especially happens with the selection of products and services. There is always a confusion as to whether what they’re choosing is right or wrong. Allianz recognizes this. Thus, they offer health insurance that offers excellent service and full coverage. Noting this need is why Allianz has partnerships with more than thousands of medical care centres. The International helpline of Allianz provides support 24/7. The support team is highly experienced, with its personnel’s ability to converse in multiple languages. The biggest advantage of Allianz is its ability to process claims without delay. There is also a provision for direct bill settlement. It is to be noted that Allianz processes over 30,000 claims every week!