Health Insurance Mauritius

We at Mauritius plans offers the best health care insurance in whole of Mauritius and possess a record of over four decades of offering general insurance to the people of Manutius. We offer the following services:

-Health insurance coverage provided from the pioneers in the field of insurance

-Plans which provide abundant other benefits. These services ensures that you will receive the best medical care possible.

Get in touch with us today to know more about the packages we offer and the services we provide.  The pricing of each of those plans and what protection you receive from those plans.

Healthcare Insurance

We provide high quality health insurance services which would assist you to live a healthy life. Certain features from our coverage permits you to obtain treatment from wherever you are in the world providing you with the comfort of mind.

Apart from the services which we render, we provide you with the ability to customize your plans according to your personal needs permitting you to reap the best benefits for the money you pay.

Unexpected potentially life threatening medical conditions can occur hence it is imperative that you are protected during all hours of the day as medical costs are increasing rapidly. Apart from the money spent to obtain the health care, you will experience loss of work leading to diminishing of your income source.  If you are to face such a situation, you can be at ease knowing that you would be protected with the insurance providing you with up to a certain extent of financial loss incurred non-medically which is a direct result of your illness.

Corporate Health Insurance Plans

Irrespective of the size of your business, your most valuable resource within the company is your workforce. Valuable things should be protected at all times irrespective of the time or the place. This protection can be offered from health insurance permitting them to be at ease of mind. Hence, permitting them to be focussed on the work. The best way to assist them is to offer them with high quality insurance care.

Your employees would feel appreciated knowing that their management thinks about their welfare and is willing to offer their assistance in the form of health care insurance. The plans we offer has comprehensive coverage for the employees. At Mauritius plan grants the employees with access to prestigious private health care centres which would have been out of bounds if not offered the protection. We offer plans at varying levels so that it is line with the financial capabilities and requirements of the employees. It is important to let your employees know that the protection comes from Mauritius plans and that they would receive the best care when needed.

Some of the advantages our plan gives include:

-Tailored insurance policies for your commercial organization

-Protection against severe illness

-International medical coverage with concessions on the premium which is incurred by the firm with many other added benefits

We offer the best insurance plans according to your needs.  The corporate health insurance schemes consists of several policies which you can select from to provide coverage to your employees.  We provide specialized plans to cater to your institutions requirements and budget; this is provided by only us and cannot be found anywhere else.

A common saying, “A healthy family leads to a happy family”, you can ensure your family’s protection with us at Manutius plans. You will have no regrets with the health insurance coverage since we offer comprehensive protection to all the members of the family. You will be granted access to first class health care centres from any provider across the world.

Universal Health Coverage Mauritius

We provide international health care insurance in Mauritius from several internationally distinguished firms. The best health care  plan confers protection internationally with many other benefits. The complete list of benefits grants you entry into the prestigious health care institutions around the globe without burdening yourself with the financial responsibilities which is intimately associate with personnel wellbeing.

Comprehensive health plan

We offer health care plans which are life and budge oriented while simultaneously providing comprehensive protection. The standard plan has several levels which offer varying degree of protection against minor illnesses. We provide tailored solutions to take care of your health. You have the ability select the basic plan and enrich it with other add-ons. Hence, paying only to the service which you receive.

Medical Protection Quote

Get in touch with us to obtain a quote free of charge. We are a distinguished agency with over four decades of insurance experience. We are comprised of a team of highly motivated members. We provide a simple claim processing procedure with exceptional customer assistance services. If you are about to make a claim or choosing what is best for you, get in touch with us today. For expatriates we offer services which can be useful. Obtain a quote today.